Date(s) - 04/16/2013 - 04/17/2013

Hilton Milwaukee City Center (Milwaukee, WI)

11th Responsible Retailing Forum Meeting
Milwaukee, WI

Agenda and Meeting Summary

The 11th annual Responsible Retailing Forum was held in Milwaukee, WI at the Hilton City Center Hotel (Day 1) and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Downtown Extension conference center. The meeting was attended by 98 regulators, public health and safety agents, retailers and their industry partners to examine current issues in preventing underage sales of alcohol and tobacco products and over-service of alcohol.

Day 1 Tuesday, April 16      
Session #1   The Current Retail Environment
Retailers representing large chains and independently owned and operated licensees will discuss the current retail environment and the challenges in complying with tobacco and alcohol sales laws.

Panelists:  Eric Cartier, CVS Pharmacy; David Jabour, Twin Liquors; Scott Wexler, Ostroff, Hiffa & Associates; Doug Anderson, WE CARD
Session #2   The Case for Responsible Retailing
Responsible Retailing has been seen principally as as a way of reducing risks─of fines, licenses suspensions and, for alcohol, liability for harm caused by intoxicated persons. This session will address Responsible Retailing as a value-added benefit for retailers and their providers

Presenters: Matt Indre, Total Wines & More; Rob Frederick, Brown-Forman

Session #3   Self-Testing Blood Alcohol Content
Examination of a new product that allows customers to determine if their BAC exceeds the legal limit for driving, and the implications of its use

Presenters: William Georges, the Georges Group; John Sullivan, Eire County (NY) STOP-DWI Christine Montag, Ladybug Tek

Session #4   A New paradigm for Responsible Retailing
Brad Krevor, Ph.D, RRForum

Session #5   The Current Enforcement Environment
Examinations of the current enforcement issues; a new model in alcohol enforcement in New Mexico; new research on compliance check protocols; and a national effort to address fake IDs

Moderator: Mark Willingham, Alcohol Solutions LLC
Panelists: Rebecca Reynolds-Ramirez, PIRE; Bill Hubbard, NM Special Investigations Division; Erika Mansur, AZ Office of the Attorney General; Chris Curtis, PIRE

Session #6   Issues in regulation

Challenge of regulators in balancing the different needs of licensees, the communities they serve, and the public at large, in a period of budgetary austerity.

Panelists: Kathie Durbin, Montgomery County (MD) Dept of Liquor Control; Pam Erickson, Public Action Management; Patrick Gagliardi, Gagliardi Associates; Roger Johnson, Wisconsin Dept of Revenue; Shannon Pogones, Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division; Ed Swedberg, Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.


Day 2 Wednesday, April 17

          Community- and State-based Responsible Retailing Systems

Great Beer, Great Responsibility
                        Nehl Horton, MillerCoors

Session #7   Perspectives on the community-based Responsible Retailing model
Moderator: Charles Curie, the Curie Group

Panelists: Capt. William Bongle, Green Bay (WI) Police Dept; Joseph Kubisiak, Safe & Sound, Inc; Christopher Ladwig, City of Milwaukee; Diane Wagner, MillerCoors; Steve Waldo, Vermont Dept of Liquor Control; Mark Woulf, City of Madison
Session #8   Next steps
Brad Krevor, Ph.D, RRForum