Date(s) - 04/11/2012 - 04/12/2012

The Liberty Hotel (Boston, MA)

The 10th annual national Responsible Retailing Forum was held on Wednesday and Thursday, April 11-12, 2012 in Boston, MA.

The conference hotel was The Liberty Hotel, 215 Charles Street BOSTON, MA 02114.

The Liberty Hotel, opened in 2007, was originally the Charles Street Jail, an architectural marvel at the foot of Beacon Hill that served as the Suffolk County jail from 1851 – 1990. The structure is listed in the state and national Registry of Historic Places.

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Overview of the 2012 National Meeting

Conference Agenda

The primary focus of RRF has been reducing underage sales; and our research and field projects have led to the development of RR systems for cities, states and associations. In all our study sites, however, retailers and communities stakeholders have indicated that problems associated with intoxicated customers are at least as prevalent for them as problems associated with underage sales and service. Over-service / over-consumption appears to be the “elephant in the room” that no one is discussing.

The 2012 RRF will examine issues relating to over-service and over-consumption. How do we measure the prevalence of over-service? What strategies will assist licensees to reduce sales and service to intoxicated persons? What are the responsibilities of patrons and how can these responsibilities be communicated? What are the potential roles of state / national stakeholders in reinforcing professional service within communities?

An additional focus of the 2012 meeting will be an examination of public policies that facilitate the adoption of RR practices. Since the 2002 report to SAMHSA, Report on Best Practices for Responsible Retailing, the field has understood that three interdependent factors impact commercial access by underage users:

  1. store-based practices,
  2. community context, and
  3. public policies.

RRF and its partners have identified effective and promising strategies and technologies to reduce underage sales that now must be translated into practice. State and community regulators, enforcement agencies, distributors and suppliers and retail associations all have the potential to influence the adoption of RR practices. Additionally, the RR programs that are being implemented in 2011-12 in seven states (CA, MA, NM, NY, TX, UT and WI) will need to transition from research funding to a commercially sustainable model. Panels and break-out sessions will examine policies that stimulate and sustain the adoption of effective RR.

The 2012 conference will also include teams of stakeholders from states that are partnering with RRF in 2011-12 to implement the community- and state-based RR systems.

Conference Agenda