Retailer Policy Work Group

The Retailer Policy Work Group consists of researchers, regulators, attorneys general, mystery shopper and training providers and large national retail chains that have executed Assurances of Voluntary Compliance with state Attorneys General to reduce underage sales (although the AVCs were specific to tobacco products, the Retailer WG focuses upon alcohol as well).

  • The Retailer WG examines implementation challenges (How can policy be translated into point-of-sales performance?) and measurement and evaluation issues.
  • The Retailer WG has developed a standardized Mystery Shopper reporting form so as to allow analysis of age-verification conduct across chains and retail sectors.
  • The Retailer WG is involved in the identification of effective practices for off-premise alcohol beverage licensees for the Federal Trade Commission’s website, We Don’t Serve Teens.
  • The Retailer WG also designs research projects that can be embedded directly into retail chain operations.