S-STOP (“Stop Service to Obviously-impaired Patrons”) is a program that assists alcohol beverage licensees and their staff to recognize and refuse service to clearly impaired individuals.

How the program works:

Pseudo-Intoxicated Mystery Shoppers — actors trained to exhibit signs of obvious intoxication — visit local establishments and ask to buy or be served an alcoholic beverage.

Licensees receive confidential feedback on actual staff conduct, with an aggregate report available for the entire community. The following video shows how our pseudo-intoxicated mystery shoppers behave and illustrates refusal skills for all staff. Note that the actual mystery shop visits to your outlet are never videotaped or audio-recorded.

Manager Registration

Register your licensed establishment to receive reports of which staff view the video.

Staff Registration

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Dealing with Obviously Impaired Patrons

Managers/owners, please view this additional short video.

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