What the RR Program Offers

Identifying the Steps

identify steps that licensees can take when their staff identify fake IDs, 3rd party sales (when an adult purchases for a minor), when a customer may be impaired and in need of a safe ride home ─ and when an impaired customer refuses that assistance and gets behind the wheel.

Mystery Shoppers

Receive feedback on actual staff performance as observed by RRForum Mystery Shoppers

Alcohol Sales Policy

Assistance in adopting a written Alcohol Sales Policy for staff to follow

Recommended Practices reports

Access to Recommended Practices reports based on your type of establishment.

Self-Assessment Tool

Conduct a self assessment of current practices

College Alcohol Responsibility Program
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Organizations Sponsoring and Assisting in this Effort
Breakthru Beverage Group
National Alcohol Beverage Control Association
National Beer Wholesalers Association