RRForum’s Responsible Retailing Programs

21 Matters™ employs legal-age mystery shoppers to provide licensees with confidential feedback on actual staff ID-checking conduct when young customers ask to purchase an alcoholic beverage. Click above for more information.

S-STOP™ − Stop Service To Obviously-impaired Patrons − assists alcohol beverage licensees and their communities to prevent the over-service and over-consumption of beverage alcohol. Click above for more information.

College Alcohol Responsibility Program is a comprehensive approach to the challenges of alcohol use and abuse in college communities. Click above for more information.

Deferred Prosecution Program provides communities with a non-punitive, restorative justice approach to improve the performance of non-compliant licensees. Click above for more information.

What the RR Programs Offer
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Organizations Sponsoring and Assisting in this Effort
National Beer Wholesalers Association
National Alcohol Beverage Control Association
Breakthru Beverage Group